EfficiencyNerd? What is This About, Anyway?

Why would I pick the name EfficiencyNerd, anyways? That sounds like such a weird name for a blog. Well, first let me tell about my inspiration for this blog.


At several times in the past few years I’ve thought about starting a blog. I have lots of great and crazy ideas, and I thought it would be great to at least have them all organized in one place. It would also be cool if other people were able to read my crazy ideas and give me their thoughts, and possibly even benefit from my thoughts, although I’m not going to hold my breath on that note. So, this is my attempt at creating a space to share my ideas.

Is This Another Finance Blog? No – well, that’s not the core purpose of this blog. My purpose is to offer helpful tips and tricks for making your lifestyle more efficient, less wasteful, and hopefully, more fulfilling. Less time doing mundane things, more time doing things you love and being with people you love. Certainly, finances are going to tie into that.

So What is This Blog About? If I had to sum up what I hope to achieve with this blog, I’d say I’d like it to be a space where I help out you, my readers, with making the most of your life, and where we can discuss these ideas together through email or by commenting in order to make all our lives better.

Does that sound interesting? Great. Keep reading, I think you’ll like it. Not interested? Well then why are you still reading this? Go do something more efficient with your life, rather than just sitting here wasting time reading a blog you don’t really care about. Sheesh.



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