A Bit About Me

Hi again. I don’t really know how to start writing a blog, but it seems to me like when you meet new people that you hope to be friends with, the proper thing to do is to introduce yourself to them. So, this post is a little bit about me.


Part of why I’m so interested in Efficiency is that I’m an engineer. To be specific, my day job is as a software engineer, and my Bachelor’s degrees are in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. At a previous job, I worked for a company that did efficiency upgrades for businesses – we’d upgrade their lighting, HVAC, and other systems to improve their facility and ultimately save them money. So both as an engineer in general and in especially in that particular job, I got sensitized to the idea of making things more efficient. That desire to optimize and improve efficiency has carried over into every aspect of my life.


I live in Toronto, Ontario, and may occasionally reference things here. I’m originally from the USA (upstate New York to be exact) but moved here for work and for a new experience. There are tons of blogs and websites about things in the USA that I always come across if I’m looking something up – taxes, various product reviews, investing advice, etc. When applicable, this blog will be particularly focused on a Canadian perspective. Hopefully some Canadian readers will find this blog and those posts will be helpful to them.


I think that’s a good “about me” post for now. I don’t want to bore everyone with my life story starting out. I plan to be fairly personal with the content on this blog anyways, so if you want to learn more about me your best option is probably to keep reading.


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